Hello, thanks for visiting my site, and please — call me Gerry.

I am a Multimedia Producer at the UConn Foundation in Storrs, Connecticut. I use videos and photos to help tell the story of charitable giving at the University of Connecticut.


I came to New England after more than a decade in newspaper photojournalism, spending most of my time on the award-winning photography staff of The Dallas Morning News.

I live in the Hartford area with my wife, two kids, three cats, three chickens and lots and lots of books. In my free time ... oh who am I kidding. I'm a parent — I have no free time! But in the rare moments I'm not doing something for the kids, you'll find me baking bread, making music, and maybe even reading one of those books. 

I'm available for hire to help you with your video and photo needs. Please use the contact page to reach out to me and see what I can do for you. Or just to say hi.

What I look like according to my four-year-old daughter